Cold Blood, Lisa Cooley, New York, USA, 11th November - 23rd December, 2012

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Contemporary Art Daily

Cold Blood, Lisa Cooley, New York, USA, 2012; Installation View

(from left) Primordial Fluids 1 and Primordial Fluids 2, both 2012, Digital Print on Heavy Crepe de Chine; Chrome Bar; Steel Cables, approx H400cm x W387cm x D137cm

(from left) MAR707G and MAR108, both 2012, Cast, Pigmented, Translucent Polyurethane Resin, H81cm x W11cm x D12cm and H75cm x W25cm x D18cm

Gills (detail) 2012, Digital print on Spandex, Aluminium, Dimensions variable

Tectonic Plates 2012, Mirror Polished Stainless Steel; Cast Bronze; Cast Aluminium; Accordion Pleated Hi-Tech Lamé; Elastic; Nail Polish, H75cm x W25cm x D18cm

MAH684G, 2012, Cast and Mirror Polished Aluminium, H63.5cm x W20cm x D23cm

Artificial Intelligence, 2012, Digital Print on Accordion Pleated Heavy Crepe De Chine; Mirror Polished Stainless Steel; Chromed Aluminium, H192cm x W141cm x D15cm

Le Chic Nail Spa, 128 Rivington Street, New York, 10002, November 9th 2012

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