Megaflora, Large Glass, London, UK, 22nd April - 26th June, 2021

Flash Art, Alice Channer 'Megaflora" Large Glass / London, Alex Bennett, 28th May 2021
Art Monthly, Alice Channer : Megaflora, Chloe Carroll, June 2021
The Art Newspaper, Interview: 'I weaponise glamour... I see clothes as a kind of armour that can change and mutate', Louisa Buck, April 2021
Liverpool Biennial, Alice Channer - Studio Visit video, March 2021
Contemporary Art Society, Friday Dispatch, Alice Channer: Megaflora, Ilaria Puri Purini, 29th April 2021
Short Story, "Ripple and Void", Rosanna McLaughlin, April, 2021

(in window) Moult, 2021, Digital Print on Static Cling Vinyl, 211.7 x 135.3 cm

Biolith, 2021, Machined Limestone; Lost-Wax Cast and Mirror-Polished Aluminium; Accordion-Pleated Crepe Satin Silk; Accordion-Pleated Women Ladies Animal Leopard Snake PU PVC Wet Look Shiny Legging Fashion Pant New, 37 dia x 21.5 h, 35 dia x 18.5 h, 37 dia x 9.5 height (all cm) (three parts)

Nautilus, 2021, 3 Chroming Jigs (Brass, Thermoplastic and Stainless Steel); Sand-Cast and Vapor-Blasted Aluminum; Sand-Cast, Vapor-Blasted and Chromed Aluminium, 100 h x 100 w x 35 d cm

Beached, 2021, Sand-Cast and Vapor-Blasted Aluminium, 28 h x 19 w x 13 d cm

Heavy Metals, 2021, Chrome-Plated, Vapor-Blasted and Sand-Cast Aluminium, 67 h x 6 w x 12 d and 66 h x 11 w x 12 d cm

Megaflora, 2021, Sand-Cast Aluminium, 330 h x 72 w x 47 d cm

Elon Musk, 2018, Mirror-Polished Stainless Steel; Accordion-Pleated Hi-Tech Lamé; Echioceras Ammonite Fossil, 2.5 h x 51 w x 24 d cm

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