Heavy Metals, one half of double survey exhibition Heavy Metals / Silk Cut, (Solo), curated by Stefanie Gschwend, Kunstmuseum and Kunsthalle Appenzell, CH, 1st July - 8th October 2023

Artforum.com, Critics Pick: Alice Channer at Kunstmuseum Appenzell, Phoebe Cripps, 19th September 2023
Burlington ContemporaryAlice Channer interviewed by Rachel Withers, 22nd February 2024
Contemporary Art Daily, 8th October 2023
Kunst Bulletin, Diving into Deep Surfaces, Julia Schmidt, Issue 9, August 2023, page 32-41
St Gallen Tagblatt, Diving in a plastic pond: in Appenzell, artist Alice Channer creates an exhibition as beguiling as it is disturbing, Christina Genova, 8th July 2023
Saiten Magazine, "The world looks perfect - it is not", Larisa Baumann, 10th July 2023
Appenzeller Volksfreund, "Art cannot compete with Nature", Mirjam Bächtold, 1st July 2023
Kunstmuseum and Kunsthalle Appenzell, Heavy Metals / Silk Cut (Solo), exhibition information

Alice Channer, a comprehensive monographic catalogue (English/German) to accompany Heavy Metals / Silk Cut (solo) at Kunstmuseum and Kunsthalle Appenzell, with essays by Rosanna McLaughlin and Zoë Gray, an experimental text by Daisy Hildyard and a conversation between Stefanie Gschwend and Alice Channer, Designed by Mathias Clottu, Published by DISTANZ, Release: September 2023

Body Shop and Cold Metal Bodies, both 2023, Ostrich Feather Car Body Cleaning Discs; Stainless Steel Chain; Galvanized Steel Chain; Mirror-Polished and Lazer-Cut Stainess Steel, Dimensions variable

Starship (Super Heavy), 2022, Machined Limestone; Lost-Wax Cast and Mirror Polished Aluminium; Chromed, Vapor-Blasted, Machined and Sand-Cast Aluminium; Accordion Pleated Crepe Satin Silk; Lazer-Cut and Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, 135 x 135 x 5; 120 x 120 x 9 and 130 x 130 x 11 CM (three parts)

Tubers, 2022, Sand-Cast, Vapor-Blasted and Chrome-Plated Aluminium, 30 x 117 x 12 CM (three parts)

Crustacean Satellites, 2018, Vacuum Metallised Spider Crab (Maja Brachydactyla) and Brown Crab (Cancer Pagurus) Shells on Stainless Steel Jigs; PVC Coated Steel Cables, 450 (h/variable) x 105 w x 110 d cm
Soft Sediment Deformation, H o r i z o n t a l Body (Walnut Tree) , 2018, Treebark Pleated Inkjet Print On and In Heavy Crepe De Chine, Diptych, each panel 126 x 257 x 6 cm framed

Rockpool, 2023, 1 tonne of Salt Extracted from Swiss mountains; Painted, Cut and Curved Steel, 9 x 300 x 1166 cm

Heavy Metals, 2021, Chrome Plated, Vapor-Blasted and Sand-Cast Aluminium, 67 h x 6 w x 12 d and 66 h x 11 w x 12 d cm

Burial, 2016, Sand-Cast Aluminium Bronze; Sand-Cast Corten Steel, Dimensions variable

Mechanoreceptor, Catkins, 2016, Lost-wax Cast and Chromed Aluminium; Copper wire; Plastic-Dipped hook; Bramble, 141 x 25 x 9.5 cm

Linear Bivalves (Quintuple Green), 2018, Vacuum Metallized and laquered mussel shells on custom jigs, 484cm x 260.3cm x 7cm

Granite and Concrete, both 2015, Framed Inkjet Print on Heavy Crepe De Chine; Machined, Carved and Hand Polished Marble, H171.45cm x W156.21cm (Frame) / H20cm x W20cm x D20cm

Birthing Pool, 2019, Accordion Pleated Hi-Tech Lamé; Accordion Pleated Polyester Satin; Accordion Pleated "Women Ladies Animal Leopard Snake PU PVC Wet Look Shiny Legging Fashion Pant New"; Accordion Pleated "Sexy Ladies High Waist Wet Look Skinny Leather Leggings Pants Trousers Black"; Curved and Welded Mirror-Polished Sheet Stainless Steel; Pelletized and Recycled Polypropylene, Dimensions slightly variable (metal pool is 372 x 172 x 8.5cm)

Seahorse, 2021, 4 Chrome Plating Jigs (Brass, Thermoplastic and Stainless Steel); Sand-Cast and Vapor-Blasted Aluminum; Sand-Cast and Chrome-Plated Aluminium, 100 h x c.110 w x c.35 d cm

Gills, 2012, Digital print on Spandex; Aluminium, H216cm x W197cm x D37cm (five parts)

Double Microstrobilus, 2017, Cast and Dip-Chromed Aluminium, 70 W x 27.5 D x 10.5 H

Megaflora, 2021, Sand-Cast Aluminium, 140 x 240 cm
Soft Sediment Deformation, Photosynthesising Body (Double S t r e t c h e d Fleshy), 2022, Coral-Pleated Inkjet Print on and in Silk Satin, 330 x 72 x 47 cm
Soft Sediment Deformation, Photosynthesising Body (Single S t r e t c h e d Fleshy), 2022, Coral-Pleated Inkjet Print on and in Silk Satin, 330 x 72 x 47 cm

Elon Musk, 2018, Mirror polished stainless steel; Accordion pleated hi-tech lamé; Echioceras Ammonite Fossil, 51 w x 24 d x 2.5 h cm

Pangolin, 2023, Digital UV-Print print on Kunstmuseum Appenzell window blinds, 226W x 280 H and 693 W x 280 H CM

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