Heavy Metals, one half of double survey exhibition Heavy Metals / Silk Cut, (Solo), curated by Stefanie Gschwend, Kunstmuseum and Kunsthalle Appenzell, CH, 1st July - 8th October 2023

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Contemporary Art Daily, 8th October 2023
Kunst Bulletin, Diving into Deep Surfaces, Julia Schmidt, Issue 9, August 2023, page 32-41
St Gallen Tagblatt, Diving in a plastic pond: in Appenzell, artist Alice Channer creates an exhibition as beguiling as it is disturbing, Christina Genova, 8th July 2023
Saiten Magazine, "The world looks perfect - it is not", Larisa Baumann, 10th July 2023
Appenzeller Volksfreund, "Art cannot compete with Nature", Mirjam Bächtold, 1st July 2023
Kunstmuseum and Kunsthalle Appenzell, Heavy Metals / Silk Cut (Solo), exhibition information

Alice Channer, a comprehensive monographic catalogue (English/German) to accompany Heavy Metals / Silk Cut (solo) at Kunstmuseum and Kunsthalle Appenzell, with essays by Rosanna McLaughlin and Zoë Gray, an experimental text by Daisy Hildyard and a conversation between Stefanie Gschwend and Alice Channer, Designed by Mathias Clottu, Published by DISTANZ, Release: September 2023

Body Shop and Cold Metal Bodies, both 2023, Ostrich Feather Car Body Cleaning Discs; Stainless Steel Chain; Galvanized Steel Chain; Mirror-Polished and Lazer-Cut Stainess Steel, Dimensions variable

Starship (Super Heavy), 2022, Machined Limestone; Lost-Wax Cast and Mirror Polished Aluminium; Chromed, Vapor-Blasted, Machined and Sand-Cast Aluminium; Accordion Pleated Crepe Satin Silk; Lazer-Cut and Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, 135 x 135 x 5; 120 x 120 x 9 and 130 x 130 x 11 CM (three parts)

Tubers, 2022, Sand-Cast, Vapor-Blasted and Chrome-Plated Aluminium, 30 x 117 x 12 CM (three parts)

Crustacean Satellites, 2018, Vacuum Metallised Spider Crab (Maja Brachydactyla) and Brown Crab (Cancer Pagurus) Shells on Stainless Steel Jigs; PVC Coated Steel Cables, 450 (h/variable) x 105 w x 110 d cm
Soft Sediment Deformation, H o r i z o n t a l Body (Walnut Tree) , 2018, Treebark Pleated Inkjet Print On and In Heavy Crepe De Chine, Diptych, each panel 126 x 257 x 6 cm framed

Rockpool, 2023, 1 tonne of Salt Extracted from Swiss mountains; Painted, Cut and Curved Steel, 9 x 300 x 1166 cm

Heavy Metals, 2021, Chrome Plated, Vapor-Blasted and Sand-Cast Aluminium, 67 h x 6 w x 12 d and 66 h x 11 w x 12 d cm

Burial, 2016, Sand-Cast Aluminium Bronze; Sand-Cast Corten Steel, Dimensions variable

Mechanoreceptor, Catkins, 2016, Lost-wax Cast and Chromed Aluminium; Copper wire; Plastic-Dipped hook; Bramble, 141 x 25 x 9.5 cm

Linear Bivalves (Quintuple Green), 2018, Vacuum Metallized and laquered mussel shells on custom jigs, 484cm x 260.3cm x 7cm

Granite and Concrete, both 2015, Framed Inkjet Print on Heavy Crepe De Chine; Machined, Carved and Hand Polished Marble, H171.45cm x W156.21cm (Frame) / H20cm x W20cm x D20cm

Birthing Pool, 2019, Accordion Pleated Hi-Tech Lamé; Accordion Pleated Polyester Satin; Accordion Pleated "Women Ladies Animal Leopard Snake PU PVC Wet Look Shiny Legging Fashion Pant New"; Accordion Pleated "Sexy Ladies High Waist Wet Look Skinny Leather Leggings Pants Trousers Black"; Curved and Welded Mirror-Polished Sheet Stainless Steel; Pelletized and Recycled Polypropylene, Dimensions slightly variable (metal pool is 372 x 172 x 8.5cm)

Seahorse, 2021, 4 Chrome Plating Jigs (Brass, Thermoplastic and Stainless Steel); Sand-Cast and Vapor-Blasted Aluminum; Sand-Cast and Chrome-Plated Aluminium, 100 h x c.110 w x c.35 d cm

Gills, 2012, Digital print on Spandex; Aluminium, H216cm x W197cm x D37cm (five parts)

Double Microstrobilus, 2017, Cast and Dip-Chromed Aluminium, 70 W x 27.5 D x 10.5 H

Megaflora, 2021, Sand-Cast Aluminium, 140 x 240 cm
Soft Sediment Deformation, Photosynthesising Body (Double S t r e t c h e d Fleshy), 2022, Coral-Pleated Inkjet Print on and in Silk Satin, 330 x 72 x 47 cm
Soft Sediment Deformation, Photosynthesising Body (Single S t r e t c h e d Fleshy), 2022, Coral-Pleated Inkjet Print on and in Silk Satin, 330 x 72 x 47 cm

Elon Musk, 2018, Mirror polished stainless steel; Accordion pleated hi-tech lamé; Echioceras Ammonite Fossil, 51 w x 24 d x 2.5 h cm

Pangolin, 2023, Digital UV-Print print on Kunstmuseum Appenzell window blinds, 226W x 280 H and 693 W x 280 H CM

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